Revolving credit suspended? Reasons and solutions

In which cases can revolving credit be suspended, preventing any use of the available money? A suspended revolving credit generally indicates that the lending institution has not received in time all the guarantees and information necessary to renew the contract. This does not prevent him from withdrawing the remaining monthly payments. Reminder of the rules

3, 2, 1 save money

There may be periods in one’s life where you really need to save, for example up here for Christmas, as this often involves many extra expenses. One of the big expenses is of course the Christmas gifts, but also Christmas lunches and the actual purchase for Christmas Eve can be difficult to afford. Advice to

So much saved these Good Finance users

Users who have saved money, In this post we have collected 4 concrete examples of users who have saved a lot of money by using Good Finance. The users are anonymous and replaced with fictitious names, but the examples are real. From several loans to a single loan Anders and Line had a debt of